Colonial Couriers, provides delivery and courier services to business’ and organizations throughout the Delaware Valley.  We are located in Pennsauken, NJ.  Colonial Couriers is proud to offer a wide range of affordable delivery options to meet your needs.  All of our drivers are provided with GPS and Celluar Telephones.  Our fleet consists of small vehicles, cargo vans and Straight trucks to cater to our customers every need.

Our services range from everday route work to on Demand Deliveries.  We offer these service from Connecticut to Virginia, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Our staff prides themselves on providing on time deliveries for a fair price. Our straight trucks are equipped with lift gates and can easily accommodate 10-12 pallets. Call us today to get a quote & see how Colonial Couriers can make the difference.

Colonial Couriers offers all types of delivery services including: legal filings and all hand delivery services, printing delivery services, inter-office mail runs, as well working with large package delivery companies and even the United States Postal Service.  We provide up to the minute updates with picture confirmation to let you know when your job is complete.

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